DARE BC Society

Platinum Funding Partners

Platinum Funding Partners empower youth across British Columbia with the Drug Abuse Resistance Education tools necessary to choose a drug free life with a donation of $15 000 or more in a single year.

2018-2019 Platinum Funding Partners

Mr. Huaijun Chen – 2018-2019

E&E Global Foundation – 2018-2019

2017-2018 Platinum Funding Partners

Henderson Civic Centre Ltd. – 2013-2018

Origin Organic Farms – 2017-2018

Past Platinum Funding Partners

Interville Dev Ltd. Partnership – 2016-2017

TKH Enterprises Ltd. – 2013-2017

Taiga Building Products – 2013-2017

Crystal Clear Drug Prevention Society – 2013-14

To inquire how you, your business, corporation or service club can contribute to Drug Abuse Resistance Education in BC, contact D.A.R.E. BC Society by phone: 778-712-8399 or by email: dare@darebc.com