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D.A.R.E. BC Society Lands TV Series!

On set at Fairchild TV! Pictured are: Producer Vera Ha, ____, Host ____, S/Sgt. Anthony Choy, Board Director Esther Ho and R/Cst. Bob Hall

On set at Fairchild TV!

This January, DARE BC launched it’s first ever TV series of the Keepin’ it Real program in Cantonese. The series showcased the DARE curriculum to families at home. Parents learned how they can be involved in the program and their child’s learning. The series was made possible through Fairchild TV donating $50 000 worth of air time. Fairchild TV brings viewers the latest and most popular Asian television programming to Canadian TV nationwide. They also provide specific programming to support new immigrants in their transition to Canadian culture and lifestyle.

The TV series can be viewed on our You-Tube page. The TV series was well received by parents and community members alike. We are expanding the program and our TV presence to produce a similar series in Mandarin to be aired in September 2015.
Check us out this Fall!

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